MELS is considered the fertile soil in which the good seeds are planted to get out healthy harvest, represented in its students. It is distinguished in its unique educational system. The school is keen to plant in them religion, belonging and love.

    Our methods in Manaret El Eman Language Schools depend on spotting the strengths of every individual character, promoting them, appreciating talents and rewarding every step taken forward towards success.
  • Why Manaret

    Manara: It is the source of light, which is the tool of guidance and knowledge. So we’ve proudly been awarded the excellency, quality and accreditation certificate.
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Admission Principles

Admission starts in December for siblings while the newcomers’ admission starts in February.

A student who wishes to enroll on or be transferred to the school has to be accompanied by his/her parent during the interview.

A student shall not be registered in the school unless the following documents are complete:

1- A computerized birth certificate.

2- 8 photographs

3- A copy of the parent’s ID, family ID or passport.

4- A success manifest of the last stage the students have completed.

5- A returned-Egyptian certificate. (For returned Egyptians only).

6- A certificate from The International Students’ Authority. (For international students only).

Dates of evaluating transferring students for other stages will be set and shall be announced on school site.

Please, check whether the bus service includes your residential area or not before enrolling in the school.




Thank you for your interest in our school!

*Admission for siblings & employees will start on Monday 12th of December to Thursday 22nd of December 2016 only for BC & KGI.

*Admission for new students will start on Sunday 19th of February to Thursday 9th of March 2017 only for BC & KGI.

The admission process for the academic year 2017 / 2018 requires the following:
– Filling in an admission application.
– Getting an appointment for the child's assessment.
_ Submitting the official documents.

_ Passing the admission evaluation.

Places are limited, so we accept applications according to available vacancies.
*Applications missing any of the fields will not be considered in the online applications.

*Walk-in applicants get the appointment upon submission of application to the Admission Office. Admission office accepts applicants from 9:00 am to 01:00 pm, from Sunday to Thursday.

    For help please call: 23570144 – 23570145 – 23570147 – 23570148      

     Mobile: 01000775307

* Download the application from the website.

نشكر ثقتكم واهتمامكم بمدرستنا!
*تعلن إدارة المدرسة عن بدء التقديم للعام الدراسى 2017 - 2018 للأشقاء وأبناء العاملين من الإثنين الموافق 12 ديسمبر إلى الخميس الموافق 22 ديسمبر 2016 فقط  لمرحلتى BC وkg1  .

*و بدء التقديم للعام الدراسى 2017 - 2018 للطلبة الجدد من الأحد الموافق 19 فبراير إلى الخميس الموافق 9 مارس 2017 فقط  لمرحلتى BC و  KGI .

علما بأن القبول يتطلب ما يلي:
-  تعبئة بيانات المتقدم في إستمارة الإلتحاق الرسمية.

- احضار الوثائق المطلوبة.

- الحصول على موعد لتقييم الطفل.

 - اجتيازالطفل إختبار التقييم.

نرجو العلم أن الأماكن محدودة، لذلك تقبل الطلبات وفقا للأماكن المتاحة.
لن يتم النظر في الطلبات الغير مكتملة البيانات فى إستمارة الموقع.

يتم الحصول على موعد تقييم المتقدمين شخصيا بمكتب التقديمات عند  تقديم الطلب فى المدرسة.

مكتب القبول يقبل المتقدمين من التاسعة صباحاً حتي الواحدة ظهراً، من الأحد الى الخميس.

للمساعدة : 23570144- 23570145- 23570147- 23570148

محمول :01000775307

* نرجو تحميل طلب التقديم من موقع المدرسة.


  • Application Form (B.C. - KG1) 


    Application Form (Other Stages)