MELS is considered the fertile soil in which the good seeds are planted to get out healthy harvest, represented in its students. It is distinguished in its unique educational system. The school is keen to plant in them religion, belonging and love.

    Our methods in Manaret El Eman Language Schools depend on spotting the strengths of every individual character, promoting them, appreciating talents and rewarding every step taken forward towards success.
  • Why Manaret

    Manara: It is the source of light, which is the tool of guidance and knowledge. So we’ve proudly been awarded the excellency, quality and accreditation certificate.
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KGs Birthdays

Dear Parents:

Please be notified that:

  •  Thursday 29/12/2016, we will celebrate November & December’s birthdays for K.G.1 & K.G.2.
  • It will be a normal school day & students should bring their bags & dairy.
  • Students can come out of uniform.
  • If you want to celebrate please call Ms.Rania Hussein Tel.01002127403.

         Thanks for your cooperation                                                

                                                      K.G. Administration

السادة أولياء الأمور:

                     تحية طيبة وبعد،،،،،

يرجى العلم بأن:

  • سيتم الإحتفال بأعياد ميلاد شهري نوفمبر وديسمبر  لـ مرحلتي  K.G1 & K.G2يوم الخميس الموافق 29/12/2016.
  • سيكون يوم دراسى عادى مع إحضار حقيبة الطالب والـ Dairy.
  • يمكن إرتداء زي خارجي.
  • على من يرغب فى الإحتفال، يرجى الإتصال بالأخصائية الإجتماعية (أ/رانيا حسين) على رقم 01002127403.

                                                                           شكراً على حسن تعاونكم

                                                                           إدارة مرحلة رياض الأطفال