MELS is considered the fertile soil in which the good seeds are planted to get out healthy harvest, represented in its students. It is distinguished in its unique educational system. The school is keen to plant in them religion, belonging and love.

    Our methods in Manaret El Eman Language Schools depend on spotting the strengths of every individual character, promoting them, appreciating talents and rewarding every step taken forward towards success.
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    Manara: It is the source of light, which is the tool of guidance and knowledge. So we’ve proudly been awarded the excellency, quality and accreditation certificate.
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A.L. Exam Date Modification

Dear Parents,

Kindly be noted that the A.L Exam Date is modified to be as follows:

  1. 1st Prim.: 28/12/2016
  2. 2nd Prim.: 28/12/2016
  3. 3rd Prim.: 28/12/2016
  4. 4th Prim. :28/12/2016
  5. 5th Prim.: 28/12/2016
  6. 6th Prim.: 2/1/2017
  7. 1st Prep.: 28/12/2016
  8. 2nd Prep.: 28/12/2016
  9. 3rd Prep.: 2/1/2017
  10. 1st Sec.: 4/1/2017
  11. 2nd Sec.: 4/1/2017

*We will send the modified tables soon.

Best Wishes

School Administration

السادة أولياء الأمور

تحية طيبة و بعد..،

نحيط سيادتكم علما بتقديم موعد اختبارالمستوى الرفيع للغه الانجليزية (English A.L). كالتالي:

  1. الصف الأول الإبتدائي: 28/12/2016
  2. الصف الثاني الإبتدائي: 28/12/2016
  3. الصف الثالث الإبتدائي: 28/12/2016
  4. الصف الرابع الإبتدائي: 28/12/2016
  5. الصف الخامس الإبتدائي: 28/12/2016
  6. الصف السادس الإبتدائي: 2/1/2017
  7. الصف الأول  الإعدادي: 28/12/2016
  8. الصف الثاني الإعدادي: 28/12/2016
  9. الصف الثالث الإعدادي: 2/1/2017
  10.  الصف الأول الثانوي: 4/1/2017
  11.  الصف الثاني الثانوى: 4/1/2017

*وسوف يرسل الجدول المعدل مع الطلاب لاحقاً.

مع أطيب تمنياتنا بالنجاح و التفوق..،

إدارة المدرسة